Oscar Nominations

Oscar nods came out today. Some thoughts:

1) Best Picture– 8 of these, according to literally every pundit alive, were locks. The slots that went to 127 Hours and Winter’s Bone were in question–and both of those were probably the popular picks to make it. I still don’t know what I think about nominating 10 films instead of 5. I’ve seen eight of them (I missed ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Hours’) and they’re all good, but 10 doesn’t seem exclusive enough.

2) There was some hubbub about The Social Network, which was on a recent tear through the early-season awards, only receiving 8 nods to The King’s Speech‘s 12 and True Grit‘s 10, but honestly, it seems like it received every nod it could have hoped for. The costume director wasn’t going to get nominated for dressing Jesse Eisenberg up in blazers and pajamas. The only real disappointment for Network is that Andrew Garfield didn’t get a Supporting Actor nod, which I thought he probably deserved. I wasn’t a huge fan of Christian Bale’s googley-eyes in The Fighter.

3) Cheering early for an underdog–Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right, playing exactly the same character he does in every movie he’s in! But what’s wrong with rewarding someone for perfecting a shtick? They did it for Jack Nicholson like ten times.

4) All of the acting categories really seem to be completely up for grabs. And the only ‘we’ve nominated this person to death, let’s give ’em one before it’s too late and we have to give them one of those honorary ones where they’re so old they can barely talk’ instance is probably Annette Benning, who’s probably going to win even though I thought Julianne Moore was actually better in that movie.

5) There’s a bunch of kids in the acting categories. I hope they don’t just give it to the old people.

6) Christian Bale’s never been nominated for an Oscar?! The guy puts himself through Navy SEAL training every time he prepares for a role.

7) If I had to put money on one person, I’d put it on David Fincher for Social Network. Fairly long, respected career, terrific movie, he’s already been nominated once, (2008, for Benjamin Button–Darren Aronovsky is a first-timer) iffy competition.


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2 Responses to Oscar Nominations

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, you’ve seen lots of movies this year. I haven’t seen all of them but I agree that 10 “best picture” nominations are a little excessive. And I think Christian Bale did an amazing job in The Fighter!

  2. hubzbubz says:

    I saw like 4 of ’em during Christmas Break. And maybe I’m prejudiced against Christian Bale because people say he’s sort of an a-hole. Here’s a rant of his on-set: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrvMTv_r8sA

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