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Oscar Film Scores

NPR with a sample and analysis from each of the scores nominated for Best Original Score. Advertisements

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Oscar Predictions

  It’s time for the Oscars, the Superbowl for women and gay people. My picks: Best Picture: Black Swan, The Fighter, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, Inception, True Grit, 127 Hours, Winter’s Bone, The King’s Speech, The Kids Are All … Continue reading

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Oscars Past Part 4: 1994, and Pulp Fiction

1994 Best Picture Nominees: The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump (winner), Quiz Show, Pulp Fiction, Four Weddings and a Funeral  I am constantly amazed by how many people tell me The Shawshank Redemption is their favorite movie. Not because the movie … Continue reading

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Libya and Oil Prices

The Libya revolution is causing oil prices to spike. I wonder, if we could get an honest answer, how Americans would respond to a poll asking, Which one of the following two scenarios would you prefer to happen: A) The U.S. … Continue reading

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Some Yeats to Start off the Day

I thought I’d start off the day with some Irish poetry:  THE SECOND COMING     Turning and turning in the widening gyre     The falcon cannot hear the falconer;     Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;   … Continue reading

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Carmelo Anthony Traded to the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony just got traded to the Knicks. They give up four of their best five players to get him, and get Anthony and Chauncey Billups to add to Amar’e Stoudemire. At the start of the season I was super-excited … Continue reading

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Oscars Past Part 3: 1990, Concept Movies, and Iconic Films of the ’90s

The 1990 Oscars are interesting because they so neatly divide the ‘80s from the ‘90s. Two of 1990’s biggest hits–Pretty Woman and Ghost–were what I like to call ‘pitch’ movies. That’s my word for when you can imagine two eager … Continue reading

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