Paul Rudd, Funny or Die

I don’t know why this skit of Paul Rudd wasting time on his computer amused me so much. There’s not a real joke to be found in it.

. In his book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs Chuck Klosterman claimed every woman of his generation (born betwen 1965 and 1978) was in love with John Cusack, not because John Cusack is so awesome but because they think John Cusack is Lloyd Dobler, the character he played in Say Anything. I have never come across an instance where Klosterman’s theory did not hold true.

That said, nobody in high school or college now knows who Lloyd Dobler is, and for them John Cusack is probably the guy who drove a car through a Los Angeles collapsing into a chasm in 2012. But Rudd, who is probably the best looking comic actor in history, gets no love. You’re telling me Josh in Clueless wasn’t just as adorable as Lloyd Dobler?

My theory is that girls realized to what extent they’d been brainwashed by John Cusack, and not wanting to make it appear that their sex is a hive-mind of drones mindlessly falling in love with sweet, self-deprecating, cute Hollywood guys, they claim to be smitten with guys they obviously are NOT smitten with. I was in a class where we had to read Klosterman’s book, and the girls (all of whom fall just outside of Klosterman’s age range for the Lloyd Dobler cult) were all incredibly offended by Klosterman’s article, and said they had crushes on: Colin Firth, Josh Duhamel, John Stewart, Jud Apatow (?!), Jay-Z, Philip Seymour Hoffman (come on), and Rahm Emanuel. The only one I believe out of that list is Duhamel.

Have women just changed? Or is Paul Rudd simply too perfect?

The binary opposite of Paul Rudd in terms of male attractiveness is probably George Clooney. In most of his roles, Clooney is definitely a deprecator, but never of himself. The world seems a little more dangerous when you’re with Clooney, but you also feel like you’re wise to it. Dobler/Rudd types probably make you happier, but maybe you like to have a little danger in your life.

So my alternate hypothesis is that we’ve passed the Lloyd Dobler stage, and girls just want Clooney-type people to fall in love with.


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