Television: Whoopi Goldberg Feels Erased On ‘The View’

Monday on The View, Whoopi Goldberg had an on-air hissy fit over an error in a New York Times article about black Oscar winners, which she thought didn’t acknowledge that she had won an Oscar for Ghost in 1991. (The Times has stood by their story, claiming a misreading of the text is the cause of the misunderstanding—and they’re completely right.)

Not terribly interesting, except Whoopi goes into Narcissus mode for a few minutes, saying she’s a big enough celebrity that people know her in Somalia (which is an achievement, you know, ‘cause there’s folks starving over there).

It’s also kind of funny seeing Joy Behar (who, unsurprisingly, seems to be a big supporter of the Times) resist telling everyone else to calm down, because it’s not that big a deal. Pressure to go along with the crowd basically happens in every situation involving three or more people, even if the person under pressure makes millions of dollars for being outspoken.

And….Elizabeth Hasselbeck subscribes to the New York Times?? *

And who the hell is that brunette in the middle? She seems more prickly than Hasselbeck, which—whoa, that’s a lot of prickling.

The actual story might have been worth talking about, as well. No black person was nominated for anything, as far as I know, this year. That doesn’t necessarily indicate anything in and of itself—chance certainly plays a big role in these things. I’ll probably post about minorities in films sometime in the near future—I want to talk about Tyler Perry, but I’ll be honest, to this point I’ve ignored his films like I ignore male enhancement links in my inbox. I’m gonna have to see something by him.

 (*–Hasselbeck clarified later, saying she only uses it to wipe her ass)


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