Nora Ephron, and some Ramblings

I think I’ve had a crush on Nora Ephron since 1989. (Ephron is a writer, responsible for When Harry Met Sally, Heartburn, and Sleepless in Seattle) Or at least Nora Ephron’s wit, or the part of Nora Ephron’s brain which is responsible for her wit. I would make sweet love to the right half of Nora Ephron’s brain, if she’d let me. (Just googled some pics of her….hmm….I’d probably make sweet love to the rest of her, too).

She wrote something for the DailyBeast today about Hugh Hefner, and that new really terrible-looking show on NBC called the Playboy Club. I don’t have much of a problem with Hefner myself, probably because I’m a man. I do agree he’s culturally irrelevant.

I wonder where the idea for Playboy Club came from. Possibly, like Pan Am on ABC, it is an attempt to capitalize on Mad Men‘s success at making life in the ’50s and ’60s appear eminently more attractive than our own. I would bet against all of these shows sticking around–there’s only so much historical displacement audiences are willing to go through, when they plop themselves down on the couch at the end of a long day. Wouldn’t it be weird if all the shows on TV were about the same period of time in the past?

You know what would make me happy for Hugh Hefner? If he found the love of his life before he dies, and she happens to be his age. Wouldn’t that be a better ending than checking out one night in his bedroom, some empty-headed 24-year old gold digger at his side, sporting a Viagra-induced erection forever frozen in time which the paramedics have to gently cover over with blankets? Wait–Nora Ephron is like 70! This could totally work.


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