Don’t Ask Don’t Tell–Repealed

The military repealed ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ effective 12:00 AM today.

I usually try to be pragmatic and evenhanded about these kinds of hot-button issues, but I’ve believed all along that DADT was a travesty. Military personnel have known for years that they were serving next to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender soldiers. I’ve been in units where everybody, from the commanding officer on down, knew that someone in the unit was a lesbian. Not once did it become an issue.

I’ve also been in all-male units where there was a lot of rampant homopobia (although this was oddly paired with an even greater amount of horseplay simulating gay sex). I once saw a naked 250-pound dude knock down another 200-pound naked dude with one punch in the shower, after calling him the f-word. I guess he didn’t like the way he was looking at him. This is the kind of tense situation people like John McCain think erodes morale.

But that’s hogwash. Maybe now that DADT is out the window, we can start throwing out psychopaths who try to kill people in the shower, instead of the people they’re trying to kill. Personally, I would have felt a lot less safe in a foxhole with the psychopath.


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