Catching Up With ‘Idol,’ 10 Years Later

Oh, where have the years gone?

Has it really been a full decade since American Idol first graced us with a 20-year old Kelly Clarkson, almost shockingly confident in her initial audition?–

(Uh, is it just me or does it seem like Ms. Clarkson already thinks she’s got it in the bag? Did she know her primary competition would be Justin Guarini?)

Yahoo ran a story on what some of the more bizarre/entertaining contestants throughout Idol‘s history are up to these days.

Season 10 opens tonight. No Simon, no Paula, and probably no Kelly Clarkson, or even a rough equivalent. I will be watching though. Devout Idol fans probably gave up on seeing anything genuinely new years ago. They may try to tweak the formula a little bit every season, but the show has basically become an exercise in the pleasures of repetition (Outrageous auditions! Emotional back stories! Judges hiding their faces behind pieces of paper! Cranky sleep-deprived performers trying to find a group at Hollywood Week! and on and on and on…) Did you notice this video was taken from the CW Channel? Yes–the CW Channel runs the old seasons of Idol like they’re Seinfeld reruns. Which means all of this stuff is going into our collective time vault at an expedited pace.

I may be reaching the point where I’m watching to maintain some kind of weird nostalgic connect to myself in my early twenties. But who cares? Everything old is new again.


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One Response to Catching Up With ‘Idol,’ 10 Years Later

  1. Sharon says:

    Kelly Clarkson is awesome! Her songs are so catchy and she has a great voice and seems like a real down-to-earth girl. I haven’t watched Idol in a few years though. Is it still good? Are you planning to watch X-Factor?

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