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Jeremy Lin: An Analysis

This Sunday I watched the Knicks-Mavericks game, which the Knicks won 104-97. The Jeremy Lin Phenomenon continued—28 pts, 14 assists, 5 steals, 7 turnovers. I have been hating on this guy for two weeks, for no good reason. Maybe I’m … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Build iPhones Here

The New York Times ran a story this morning about how high-tech manufacturing has largely become an Asian industry, using Apple as an example: Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Almost all … Continue reading

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Private Equity Compensation

I have always been of the opinion that, as strange and ridiculous as the finance industry often proves itself to be, a complex financial system is a necessity for a modern economy. There are just too many massive projects requiring … Continue reading

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Catching Up With ‘Idol,’ 10 Years Later

Oh, where have the years gone? Has it really been a full decade since American Idol first graced us with a 20-year old Kelly Clarkson, almost shockingly confident in her initial audition?– (Uh, is it just me or does it … Continue reading

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House to Vote Against Payroll Tax Cut

So it looks like the House of Representatives is going to vote down the Senate’s payroll-tax cut extension today. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) said yesterday on Meet the Press that he objects to the extension because it … Continue reading

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Books: ‘All the Devils Are Here,’ ‘The Big Short’

  Read two books on the financial crisis this month: All the Devils Are Here, by Bethany Mclean and Joseph Nocera (Penguin , 2008) and The Big Short, by Michael Lewis (Norton, 2010). Both books are pretty good. They both … Continue reading

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Penn State, Continued

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified at a preliminary hearing for athletic director Tim Curley and administrator Greg Schultz on Friday. His statement remained consistent with his earlier grand jury testimony: “I told them that I saw Jerry in … Continue reading

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