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The Sexiest Man Alive

So People magazine announced its ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ on Wednesday. Your winner: Bradley Cooper….? Uh, no. Second place? Liam Hemsworth. Who’s Liam Hemsworth? What a stupid name. Josh Charles was seventh? The kid who makes out with a girl who’s … Continue reading

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Nora Ephron, and some Ramblings

I think I’ve had a crush on Nora Ephron since 1989. (Ephron is a writer, responsible for When Harry Met Sally, Heartburn, and Sleepless in Seattle) Or at least Nora Ephron’s wit, or the part of Nora Ephron’s brain which is … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Bossypants,’ by Tina Fey

Why are women not funny? This is, of course, a stupid question. Plenty of women are funny. Our culture’s baseline arbiter of funny, Saturday Night Live, now features a cast headlined by Kristen Wiig (who, as I figure things, is … Continue reading

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Television: Michael Scott Leaves ‘The Office’

Two weeks ago NBC’s hit show ‘The Office’ bid farewell to Michael Scott, who in the last seven years went from being the worst boss in the world to the best (a misty-eyed declaration from Jim which seemed perfectly appropriate … Continue reading

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Rebecca Black: Making Viral Happen

On February 10, 2010, a teenager from Anaheim named Rebecca Black posted a music video called ‘Friday’ to YouTube.  One month later it went ‘viral,’ getting millions of viewers within a matter of days. Today its hit count is at … Continue reading

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Movie Review: ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ and Why I Love Matt Damon

In the past decade, Matt Damon has quietly made his paces through Hollywood; moving from wunderkind to dependable commodity to A-list star without so much as disturbing the scenery . He still hasn’t had a moment when he smashes the … Continue reading

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NBA Festivities, Battle of the Network Stars, Justin Bieber and the Ever-Present Camera

Watching the NBA All-Star festivities on Saturday, I started to wonder what ever happened to the show Battle of the Network Stars. If you don’t remember, that was the ’80s program on ABC where actors from hit tv shows from … Continue reading

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